Crew Manning

We are a leading Crew Manager for Indian crews. The correct choice of crew and their management will greatly influence the life span of your asset.

Indian crew has a long standing tradition of seafaring and our Indian crews are almost like family with most of them having been with us for their entire career.

Mariyam Marine offers skilled ratings, experienced professional officers, excellent Crew and best selection of highly educated cadets as well.

In selecting / scrutinizing qualified specialists from a large pool of seafarers, we strictly follow the requirements of the International Convention STCW-95. Our crews are having proper certification to document their training and skills.

We have experience in the selection of seafarers for the following types of vessels:

  • Product tankers.
  • Dry cargo vessels.
  • Chemical tankers.
  • Container vessels.
  • Liquefied gas tankers.
  • Reefer vessels.
  • Heavy lift/ product tankers.
  • Bulkers.

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  1. To provide marine personnel of high quality, carefully screened and selected, consistent with Owners / Managers satisfaction.
  2. To provide Ship manning agency services to reputable employers who offer terms and condition of employment to seafarers.
  3. To prevent the exploitation and abuse of seafarers.
  4. To maintain a competent and motivated work force through training and continuous improvement of quality and safety management skills.
  5. To assist our Owner / Principles in crew change if advised.
  6. To provide all type of consultancy to our clients.

As part of the process of providing quality crew manning, we ensure that

  • Crew are qualified, certified and medically fit in accordance with national and international requirements.
  • Seafarers operate vessels in a safe and efficient manner, complying with relevant rules, codes and conventions.
  • Vessels are well maintained, satisfying flag, state and classification society requirements.

Marine Workshop

Dry Dock Crew

We have qualified welders-fitters and sandblasters with previous experience at sea, ship-repair yards and ship-building yards. They can do repair and maintenance works on ships:

  • Repairs of hatch covers, bulwarks, ladders.
  • Replacement, repairs, priming and painting of deck plating.
  • Chipping rusts and painting works inside vessel and on the deck.
  • Cleaning ballast and cargo tanks.
  • Sandblasting

We also have the most up to date information about previous employers' evaluations of seamen, so we are able to provide prospective employers with references for seamen. This allows the shipping company to make the best-informed decision about whom to hire. We pursue every opportunity to deliver continued success for your business and maximizes our client relationships.

All our seamen possess certificates according to STCW 95 Convention, most of them speak English good, 80% of these seamen have prior experience working for international ship owners.

We can offer you a complete crew, or a single crewmember, all ranks.

We are opened for co-operation and will provide you with any information required.

Ship Broking And S&P

Mariyam Marine Services Pvt Ltd is recent entrant into field of Indian Ship Broking, offering in depth professional expertise with passion that guarantee a one stop solution for every client and maximize vessel utilization. We play a vital intermediary role between ship-owners and ship charterers across every sector of maritime trade. With an emphasis on a relationship driven work culture we strive to function beyond the traditional ship broker’s role.

We are actively engaged in ship broking activity for dry bulk, steel, project and general cargoes and are also involved in spot market fixtures long term charters and contracts. Market intelligence also forms an important part of our service and it is our constant Endeavour to provide reliable and quality market information to our customers to take a view on constantly changing shipping markets and make the best decision.

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